About The Academy

The Academy puts behavioral health tools in the hands of community-based organizations and others who have meaningful opportunities to start conversations and provide help.

The Academy for Community Behavioral Health, part of the CUNY School of Professional Studies, launched in June 2021 with funding from the Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health and Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity.

“The Academy has become an integral part of NYC’s efforts to transform the landscape of behavioral health services, practices, standards, and networks to be more expansive and community centered. It is my firm belief that we cannot care for the health and well-being of our communities without supporting and building capacity within these communities and within Community-based organizations.

The Academy does this and more by bringing those who are at the heart of caring for our most vulnerable New Yorkers the learning and coaching opportunities they need and deserve. It is an invaluable vehicle for realizing the City’s dream of fostering communities where people can get the compassionate behavioral health support they need where they are and from those they trust.”

– Eva Wong, Executive Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health

The Need

Everyone deserves access to timely,
effective, and affirming care.

The Response

The Academy partners with social service providers and the communities they serve to help reimagine what care means, where care happens, and who provides it.

The Academy strengthens the capacity of social service providers to:

  • Provide affirming, trauma-informed services
  • Normalize compassionate conversations about behavioral health
  • Reduce the burden on individuals and families to initiate help
  • Use relevant skills, including to prevent, identify, respond to, and care for mental health challenges and emotional pain
  • Co-design better care networks and approaches

Why Social Service Providers?

Social service providers are uniquely positioned to address behavioral health in the context of the whole person and community.