Custom Services for City and State Agencies

We offer services to help City or State agencies and others fund, design, manage, and deliver programs that address community behavioral health. These range from free consultations and support (based on Academy capacity) to contracted services funded by an agency partner or others. Request a consultation to explore custom services with the Academy.

Custom services might focus on:

  • helping social service providers strengthen specific behavioral health skills and practices
  • bringing social service and behavioral health providers together to improve care pathways in communities, including by advancing stepped, collaborative, or integrated care models
  • other behavioral health programs or initiatives

We leverage the Academy’s expertise and resources to help agencies:

Design effective behavioral health programs or initiatives.

The Academy designs evidence-informed programs that equip social service providers with relevant, actionable behavioral health tools. Program design might include:

  • Assessing stakeholder priorities, needs, and readiness to implement
  • Matching providers with good-fit skills and strategies
  • Co-designing curricula with, or adapting existing programs for, particular providers and the communities they serve

Manage behavioral health programs or initiatives.

The Academy can help agencies build their internal capacity to manage initiatives that integrate behavioral health and social services. Services might include:

  • Developing implementation standards and supports for providers. This can include developing RFPs or scopes of work that integrate behavioral health activities into contracted services
  • Determining program targets, outcome(s), and monitoring strategies
  • Aligning agency practices or policies with best practices in behavioral health
  • Facilitating learning collaboratives or developing toolkits on specific topics
  • Hiring and integrating behavioral health specialists within your agency

Build the capacity of social service providers to strengthen behavioral health skills and supports.

The Academy partners with agencies to develop and deliver custom learning programs – including training, coaching, implementation support, and other technical assistance – that equip social service providers to address behavioral health. Customization may include tailoring existing Academy programs for a specific audience or developing new programs.

Learning programs can be customized for:

  • CBOs who are funded to implement a specific program or deliver particular kinds of services
  • CBOs who reach specific communities
  • A team, program, or division within a City or State agency
  • Specific roles within or across organizations (e.g. supervisors)
  • Others