Academy Innovation Residency (AIR):
Changing Discourse and Practice

Reducing the distance between promising behavioral health approaches and their implementation in NYC community settings.

Meet the Academy’s Inaugural Resident

Residents strengthen the Academy’s work to build more equitable and effective care systems by partnering with social service providers and other trusted helpers. This residency offers an opportunity to share power with, bring added resources to, uplift, learn from, and support community helpers who can play an important role in realizing better care pathways in NYC.

What Residents Do

The Academy’s residency program has three components designed to shift dialogues and improve community behavioral health practice. Residents will curate a series of public conversations, support innovation in Academy programs, and pilot a new or improved community care model that transforms access to compassionate, culturally responsive care.


The Academy seeks to recognize and partner with established or emerging NYC leaders who expand our sense of what is possible in community behavioral health.

Academy Support for Residents

Residents will collaborate with and receive support from the Academy team.