We partner with social service providers to build more equitable and effective behavioral health care in New York City.

The Academy is dedicated to strengthening the role social service providers play in behavioral health. We invest in the knowledge, skills, and wellbeing of these providers so they can address related social, economic, and behavioral health inequalities with communities. Together, we aim to transform access to compassionate and culturally responsive care where it is needed most.

Year One Highlights

What We Do

The Academy provides training, coaching, and technical support that equip social service providers to proactively address behavioral health.

Courses for NYC Social Service Providers

We provide free courses for community-based organizations, City and State agencies that fund or deliver social services in NYC, and other nonprofit social service providers.

Custom Services for City and State Agencies

We offer a range of services that help City and State agencies address behavioral health in their roles as funders, program managers, and service providers.

Upcoming Courses