Course Type

Multi-Session, Cohort-Based

All Scheduled Dates

Mondays, 2pm-3:30pm

  • Session 1: 4/3/22
    • Impacts of Trauma and Healing Tools
  • Session 2: 4/17/23
    • Strengthening Healing Practices in the Community
  • Session 3: 4/24/23
    • Social Justice Advocacy and Organization Support

Course Length

6 hours over 3 weeks



We expect participants in the Academy's cohort-based courses to attend all course sessions. These are interactive courses where sessions build on each other. Attending and contributing consistently will improve your experience and that of your peers.

Participants who attend all sessions will receive a certificate of completion. Those who miss no more than one session may receive a certificate of completion, at the Academy's discretion

Deep Roots: Tools for Healing Mass and Intergenerational Trauma


Deep Roots: Tools for Healing Mass and Intergenerational Trauma is a three-session course covering new and emerging research on historic and intergenerational trauma. Together, participants will learn and practice helpful tools for reducing stress and supporting post-traumatic growth individually and in communities. We will also explore trauma informed care practices and recommendations for organizational settings.

  • Session I: Trauma and Healing Tools
  • Session II: Community Healing Practices
  • Session III: Advocacy and Organizational Recommendations


This virtual course will include presentations, open discussion, and wellness practices that participants can integrate into their own setting. For full participation in the course, we strongly encourage participants to be in a quiet, private space, and to join and stay on camera.

Deep Roots is a small-group course that will be limited to 30 participants. Learners are expected to attend all 3 sessions.


This course is for any staff of NYC non-profit community-based organizations, or government agencies, who deliver social services to community members in NYC. To be considered for this course:

  • Complete the brief application (coming soon).
  • Commit to attending at least 2/3 scheduled sessions