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1 hour


Paths to Mental Health Professions with Nicole Alston, MSW


Paths to Mental Health Professions is a series of one-hour conversations with people who hold a variety of roles in the mental and behavioral health field who will share insights into their education and career path. This series will introduce different career options and help demystify the requirements involved. Speakers will describe their unique paths, including how they got where they are, challenges they overcame, and lessons learned along the way. The Academy seeks to show and encourage diversity in the field, including by sharing stories from professionals with diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural identities, lived experiences, and motivations for doing this work, as well as people with a variety of degrees, licenses, and roles. Learners will have an opportunity to ask questions of each speaker.

Speaker: Nicole Alston, MSW

Nicole Alston is a social worker, with a particular expertise in grief, who works as an Affiliate with the Center for Prolonged Grief at Columbia University and has served in various capacities over many years for several of the Center’s studies. She has worked in both clinical and non-clinical roles providing grief support.

Nicole holds an MSW in advanced generalist practice and programming from Columbia University.


This session will include an interview with Nicole Alston followed by Q&A.


This course is open to staff of any non-profit organization or government agency that delivers social services in NYC. It is also open to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the mental and behavioral health field.