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Learners who complete this 2-hour course will receive a certificate of completion from the Academy.

Compassionate Conversations


What does it mean to “meet people where they are?” Many of us want to support people with behavior change, meaning we want to support them with decisions, actions, and habits that will reduce negative outcomes and improve their quality of life. This course will focus on how we support people who are considering or working toward behavior changes. We will focus on our intentions as service providers and develop skills to bring active listening into conversations with community members.

We will explore the link between self-compassion and holding space for compassion. We will also consider how we can embody the spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI) by bringing acceptance, compassion, collaboration and evocation into our work. We will practice and strengthen skills for active listening.


This course will include a presentation as well as opportunities to participate and practice. Learners can expect individual activities, large group activities and discussions. We will ask participants to turn their cameras on during group activities and discussions, and welcome participants to stay on-camera throughout the course.


This course is open to staff of any non-profit community organization or government agency that delivers social services in NYC. It may be especially helpful to staff who work with community members on behavior changes, those who are interested in learning more about Motivational Interviewing, and those who want to explore ways to increase compassion for themselves and others.


Deborah Rice

Deborah Rice