Contracted Services for City and State Agencies

Contracted Services

The Academy partners with agencies who seek to fund custom services for particular providers.

The Academy prioritizes projects that:

  • Fit with Academy mission, goals, and services
  • Build capacity in TRIE neighborhoods or other communities disproportionately experiencing health and socioeconomic disparities
  • Provide sufficient funding and timeline to achieve intended aims
  • Demonstrate buy-in and support from agency leadership

Sample Timeline for Contracted Services

While actual timeline and scope will vary by project, this sample timeline may help potential partners consider and plan for contracted services with the Academy.

Partnership Development (Pre-Contract)

  • Key stakeholders meet to discuss overall project aims, funding, timeline, and fit
  • The Academy submits a written proposal and scope of work
  • Proposal discussion and adjustments, as needed
  • Agency/sponsor initiates contracting and release of funds
  • Limited pre-contract collaboration, planning, and program development, based on Academy capacity

To begin new projects in a given fiscal year, contracts must be in place and funds released to the Academy no later than January of that fiscal year.

Post-Contracting and Release of Funds

Program Design and Preparation

Estimated at 1-4 months, depending on project scope

  • Perform a landscape and readiness assessment with input from the funding agency, potential implementers, and other stakeholders
  • Match project strategies to the implementation setting(s) and program goals
  • Finalize the Academy‚Äôs approach and project scope
  • Select and/or hire key project staff, as needed

Initial to Full Implementation

  • Develop curricula for custom learning programs, as needed
  • Pilot/deliver learning programs or technical assistance
  • Perform ongoing program monitoring and improvement, in collaboration with the funding agency and implementers
  • Refine and expand implementation, where applicable