Hub for Collaboration and Knowledge Building

Through our programs and partnerships, we generate new knowledge and collaborations for community-based behavioral health.

Co-Designing New 2023 Courses

The Academy is currently engaging staff, supervisors, and senior team members in community-based organizations and City agencies to co-design new 2023 courses on:

  • Foundational skills for effective helping relationships
  • Trauma informed leadership and supervision
  • Using art and creative expression to engage and support children and adolescents impacted by domestic violence

Through in-depth focus groups and surveys, the Academy is co-creating courses that respond to specific situations, strengths, and needs that NYC social service providers raise.

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Collaborating with the CUNY SPS Youth Studies Program

The Academy and the CUNY SPS Youth Studies Program are collaborating to create a training program that will equip young people to act as peer mental health advocates in community organizations. This unique program will bridge the Academy’s applied skills training and implementation support for individuals and organizations with the Youth Studies Program’s academic courses and youth participatory action research.

We plan to begin co-design activities with young people, community-based organizations, behavioral health specialists, and City partners in Winter/Spring 2023 and pilot this training program in Fall 2023.

We will release invitations to participate in co-design activities in the coming months.


Harlem Strong

The Harlem Strong Initiative is a community-academic partnership between the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, Harlem Health Initiative, Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, and CUNY Center for Innovation in Mental Health. Harlem Strong's mission is to address the syndemic risks of mental health, social risks, institutional racism, and COVID-19 through a neighborhood based multisectoral coalition of community, faith-based, mental health, social service, health, and city organizations focused on mental health integration and coordination of care across the Harlem community.

The Academy participates as a member of the Harlem Strong Community Stakeholder Planning Council (CSPC) and the Community Advisory Board (CAB).


More collaborations coming soon.