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4 hours

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Learners who complete this 4-hour course will receive a certificate of completion from the Academy.


Introduction to the Spirit and Practice of Motivational Interviewing



In this training, you will learn motivational interviewing approaches that you can immediately apply in your role as a helping professional. This course will be a fast-paced, highly interactive introductory course about three key skills in motivational interviewing. These skills include being able to:

  • recognize the spirit of motivational interviewing (a combination of acceptance, partnership, compassion, and evocation);
  • distinguish between sustain talk and change talk; and
  • craft reflections in ways that reinforce change talk, a particularly useful microskill to promote motivation.

This training is intended to excite staff about motivational interviewing, so we will end by exploring paths to learn more about MI in ways that can deepen your skills.


Participants will:

  • Recognize the spirit of motivational interviewing
  • Build their understanding of reflections as a microskill in motivational interviewing
  • Identify change talk and opportunities to reinforce change talk
  • Learn to distinguish between reflections that reinforce change talk and soften sustain talk
  • Explore paths to learn more about MI in ways that deepen skills


This course will include a highly interactive presentation with many opportunities to engage in brief moments practice, with supportive feedback from the instructor. We will ask participants to turn their cameras on during group activities and discussions, and welcome participants to stay on-camera throughout the course.


This course is open to staff of any non-profit community organization or government agency that delivers social services in NYC.

This course may be especially helpful to staff who have limited knowledge about Motivational Interviewing but who are interested in an overview of its basic principles and core practices. This course may also serve as a brief refresher for those who have already taken a course in Motivational Interviewing.